Why SCG Lease?

Our focus has always been-and will always be-on the customer. We are a full-service provider that works closely with each of our clients through every step of the leasing agreement, offering flexible terms and pricing to meet and exceed their business needs and expectations.

Like no other, SCG's senior management team is expert at understanding the needs of businesses across virtually every industry. This is why we continue to be an industry leader at structuring operating leases and credit lines to finance all types of equipment purchases. As an independent leasing company, SCG will finance products supplied by a multitude of different equipment manufacturers. Our ability to fund transactions is as fast as it gets. Our service levels are unparalleled. Each and every one of our clients is treated in a confidential and expeditious manner.

Our experienced management team is our greatest asset. The SCG management team is creative and results-driven. We have been providing operating leases and credit lines since 1977. Our professional team has expertise in law, marketing, structured finance, fixed income, and credit analysis.

No one can match our flexibility. While our average lease value is in excess of $300,000, SCG can structure leases of almost any size. Whether it's for one year or five years, or your equipment costs range from $25,000 to $5 million, SCG can accommodate just about any of your equipment financing needs.

SCG invests its own capital in your equipment. This allows us to fund transactions quickly. We can also be relied on to provide financing in cases where our competitors will not.

High technology at a low cost is never easy to find. While other leasing companies may not even offer operating leases on high technology products, SCG is a leader in assuming the risks associated with your high technology equipment.

We can price our leases aggressively because of a proprietary financial model that sets us apart from the rest. SCG is willing to take greater residual risk than our competitors because we know our business better and have broad remarketing capabilities. We measure our investment risk accordingly and are therefore able to offer our clients premium pricing.

As an independent leasing company, SCG does not have any incentive programs with equipment vendors or manufacturers. This allows us to deal with our customers and their real needs without bias-regardless of the equipment's make or model.

Our transactions are our transactions. SCG does not syndicate transactions. We could not consistently surpass our clients' expectations if we sold off parts of our leases. Holding our lease transactions in their entirety allows us to provide maximum flexibility during the term of the lease and at maturity.